How to Construct a Collage

All your wishes are coming true! Another Paper Cuts with Colleen How To video! Get your clippings and adhesive ready! In this video I talking collage and I’m sharing all my tips for finalizing a collage. This is a bit longer of a video where you get a chance to see my tips for securing a collage on a backing board so that all pieces lay flat and don’t fall apart! I use a dry adhesive, Scor-Tape, to make it all come together. We explore the order of construction and layering to reduce frustration without getting bubbles in your composition. Ready, set, collage!!!!!

Paper Cuts Scor-Tape Review

It’s Paper Cuts with Colleen time again! In this video I sort out the pros and cons of the double-sided dry adhesive Scor-Tape! After using Scor-Tape everyday for over a year to assemble collages I share some of my best tips and tricks. I cover everything from cost, size, ease of use, where to buy and what to expect when using it.


It’s been a crazy few months! I’m so excited to announce I’m living in Chicago now and starting to get settled in here. Brandon and I have always wanted to live in Chicago and I’m so fortunate to be pursing my MFA at Columbia College Chicago! I just finished my first semester in the Interdisciplinary Book and Paper Arts program and I’m looking forward to continuing to create new work in such a supportive community. If you want to read more about experience in grad school so far and see some of the pieces I’ve been working on check out my posts on Columbia’s Grad Student blog, Marginalia.

Here is a little video Brandon made about our more….spoiler alert: I sprain my ankle! 😐





Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls!

Come out to the Dayton Visual Arts Center between May 6th and June 18th to see my collages! I will also be participating in a gallery talk on May 19th at 6:15pm! The exhibit will include over 20 of my collages and possibly a death defying act!

Paper Cuts: How to Compose

This is the “IT’S HAPPENING” phase of collage. It is my favorite part. This is the stage when you basically play around and see how the collage unfolds. On good days I loose hours sitting and composing at my collage table, on the not so easy days I labor for hours to try and figure something out. Sitting down and starting is the most essential part, it doesn’t matter if you love the results it matters that you showed up. Do the work!

Paper Cuts: Quick Thought (Mime in a box)

I made this just for you. It’s quick quirky chat about a couple different approaches to creative expression and art. There are endless theories and beliefs about approaches to art and practice. I discuss my perspective when I sit down to collage and approaches that might resonate with your creative practice. Also did I mention I do my world famous Mime in a Box…

Paper Cuts: How to Cut for Collage

I have a strange love of those time lapse videos of people cutting out intricate designs out of paper. It looks so perfect and simple. So when I started thinking about videos about collage talking about my tricks for cutting out images seemed like fun. Over the years I have learned a lot about the best ways to cut paper, especially delicate vintage paper, without destroying an image or my fingers!

Paper Cuts: Fiskars Fingertip Detail Knife Review


“What’s the deal with that strange orange knife you use?” I get this question in my inbox a lot. So I am putting all the rumors and theories to rest. Here is my review of Fiskars Fingertip Detail Knife a tool that I use every single day in the studio! I cover the design, size, price, where to buy it, how to use it, why I recommend it, and of course how to change the blade. Finally, the review you have been searching for! For the sake of full disclosure I do want to mention this review is not affiliated with Fiskars and I haven’t been compensated to tell you that it’s my favorite!

Paper Cuts: How To Collect for Collage

The truth is the process of collage can feel overwhelming to start because part of it is about collecting images and media to use as material. Most of us don’t have tons of books and magazines laying around that we can’t wait to cut up, so where do you start?

In this episode of Paper Cuts I take you behind the scenes in my studio and I share my tips for finding the best collage materials! From my favorite places to find materials to the simple process I use to decide what to buy. It’s all about curating a unique collection of printed material and avoiding a hoarding scenario!