Through an interdisciplinary creative practice, my artwork raises questions about the complex interaction with mass media that occurs in our daily lives. I create collections of disparate information, materials, and images. I use collage and humor as methods to recontextualize these collections and reveal unexpected webs of connection. At the core, my work is a inquiry into the ways that our hyper connectivity to technology and media now influences our reality. My work often manifests as two-dimensional compositions, assemblage, performance, film, and comedic improvisation.

Growing up alongside modern technology meant that advancements in technology were often introduced at moments that corresponded to my own personal development. My fascination with mass media began at an early age as I found comfort in the sense of shared cultural experience created through iconic commercials and breaking news stories. Over the years, advancements in technology have aided in the proliferation of mass media into our daily lives while revolutionizing the way we communicate. My work uses the digital and physical residue of our interactions with media as a material to explore our coexistence with technology.

In my ongoing daily practice, I’ve created and shared one collage on social media everyday since 2012. My work detangles the complex web of media and systems through a daily practice of mindfulness, reassembling it though collage to create an aesthetic refuge. Technology, is first the conduit for the noise, and then the signal that is the product. This daily practice, combined with the act of sharing, is just as important as the product, serving to propagate the act of refuge in a noisy and violent world.