Hey, I'm Colleen

Here's a bit about me before we get started collaging. Spoiler: I love chocolate cake.

Let's start with where to find books and magazines to use in collages

In this video I share my favorite places to find materials to use to make collages. I also share the simple process I use to decide what's worth buying and what's a deal breaker. 

Now let's cut out

Next let's layout a composition 

In this video everything comes together. We make sense of all our clippings with a few tips and 3 solid starting off points for grouping images together. I break down the composition of my own collages and play with clippings on my table to help you get in the flow!

Finally, Let's make it stick

Get your clippings and adhesive ready! We are talking collage and I'm sharing all my tips for finalizing a collage. This is a bit longer of a video where you get a chance to see my tips for securing a collage on a backing board so that all pieces lay flat and don't fall apart!